1. Fly On
2. Lights Out
3. Brave New World
4. Music Box Ballerina
5. I'm Open
6. Past In Mirror
7. Wander
8. Infidel Act Of Love
9. Smell Of War
10.Strongest Breed

Recorded by:

Kamil Haidar – vocals
Mateusz Owczarek – electric guitars, acoustic guitars, oud
Wojciech Ruciński – electric bass, fretless bass
Sławek Berny – drums, percussion

Guest appearances:
Rasm Al Mashan – vocals (Fly On, Smell of War)
Radosław Kordowski – hammond (Lights Out, Past in Mirror), piano (Infidel Act of Love), b. vocals (Fly On)
Jahiar Azim Irani – santur (Smell of War, Fly On, Music Box Ballerina, Infidel Act of Love), b. vocals (Smell of War)
Samuel Owczarek – harmonica (Music Box Ballerina, Strongest Breed)

Produced by: Lion Shepherd
Mixed and mastered by: Radosław Kordowski at Hear Studio
Recording engineer: Radosław Kordowski
Layout design: Agnieszka Bernady
Photos by: Anna Włoch, Adam Pańczuk

Recorded at Hear Studio June – December 2014*
* Rasm Al Mashan vocals recorded at LaMastudio by Piotr „Lala” Lewicki

All songs written by Lion Shepherd



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