1. On The Road Again
2. Heat
3. Code Of Life
4. When The Curtain Falls
5. Dream On
6. Fail
7. Storm Is Coming
8. Dazed By Glory
9. Farewell
10.Swamp Song

Recorded by:

Kamil Haidar – vocals
Mateusz Owczarek – electric guitars, acoustic guitars, Irish bouzouki
Łukasz Adamczyk – bass
Sławek Berny – drums, percussion
Kasia Rościńska – backing vocals
Wojtek Olszak – keys

Produced by: Lion Shepherd
Mixed by: Wojtek Olszak
Mastered by: Grzegorz Piwkowski

Drums & percussion recorded by Tomek Dziedzic at Kotłownia studio in Kraków
Bass & electric guitars recorded at LS HQ by Mateusz Owczarek
Acoustic guitars recorded by Łukasz Błasiński at Woobie Doobie studio in Sulejówek
Vocals recorded by Wojtek Olszak at Woobie Doobie studio in Sulejówek

Cover Art:
Design by Forin Studio
Photos by Wiktor Franko

All songs written by Lion Shepherd



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